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What is Apple?

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company famous for keeping the technology alive. Their headquarter is in Cupertino, California.

They do everything from designing to developing and selling the consumer electronics, online services and computer software as well. Talking about their online services, it also includes the iOS app store, mac app store, iTunes store, apple music, iMessage, iCloud and Apple TV.

The company has their retail store in 25 different countries all around the globe. And out of these, US has their stores in 44 states. They have covered more than 24 countries where they sell their services. Their countries include Austria, Belgium, Australia, China, France, India, Netherlands, German, Sweden and many more.

How does Apple cost in real?

If we talk about how much does the Apple services cost, it will, for sure, take more than an hour to discuss. So cutting it into short, there are many services that Apple Inc provides. And each service has its price.

We can not mention the service of each price but for e.g., let us assume the iPhones and Macbooks they offer. The price of every iPhone is different.

And according to the records, the price has been increasing in every edition of the iPhone. Also, iPhones and other Apple products are considered to be the costliest devices so it will require a lot of money.

What is Apple gift card?

Apple gift card is the online solution for those who do not have access to online payment methods.

It will make you purchase the product without using your credit card details. All you need to do is to use the Apple gift card instead. It is also the perfect gift for gifting purpose.

If you gift the Apple gift card to someone, they can make the purchase worth the Apple gift card amount. It is not just a solution but the only mode of making payments for many.

How does the Apple gift card work?

As we mentioned, Apple products are considered as one of the costliest products ever. Not to forget, the price they charge justifies the exclusive services they offer.

Hence, it will surely be heavy on your pocket even if you are looking to buy a single set of earphones. But by using the Apple gift card, you can save yourself from making the huge spend on just a pair of earphones.

Though you can also use the Apple gift card in buying iPhones and other expensive products but let’s be real. You might not have a gift card worth the money an iPhone costs. Hence, it is perfect for the accessories available in the store.

How to get free Apple gift card?

By using our website PayPrizes, you can, for sure, be on a safer side and save yourself from spending money.

But for this, you need to complete some tasks from our website and in exchange, you can earn points which can be used for your shopping on Apple store.

Apple Gift Cards

Here you get information about available Apple gift cards with their proper amount.

$25 Apple Gift Card
Apple Card
$50 Apple Gift Card
Apple Card
$100 Apple Gift Card
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