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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is also a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency which can be sent as peer to peer Bitcoin network without needing any central bank or any single administrator.

It does not need any intermediaries as well. To make it little easier, it is a type of money which has a value but is totally virtual. The currency has no physical appearance and hence, users can only do trade of Bitcoins online.

However, many physical stores have also accepted Bitcoin as a mode of payment but there are many countries too where using Bitcoin is banned.

How does Bitcoin cost in real?

As we have learned now, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which can be used as cash to trade. But if we talk about how much does the Bitcoin currency cost, it is something costly.

Even though it varies every day according to the new price, you can assume that one Bitcoin will cost you around $1,000. Yes, it is , but it is also worth investing.

If you earn some point of Bitcoin too, you will be able to make good profits out of it when you sell it. Since the prices keep on rising, you can easily make some good profits out of it.

How does Bitcoin work?

## Bitcoin is an online version of cash and Bitcoin gift card is a digital gift card which can be used instead of the real Bitcoins.

Now suppose you want to trade on something using the Bitcoins, but since you are minor, you do not have cards. And in such case, you can use a Bitcoin gift card and make the transaction without any difficulty.

You can also use the Bitcoin gift card in any offline store if you are living in a place where it is valid to trade in Bitcoins. You can pay for the thing you are purchasing by using your Bitcoin gift card. But for this, you must redeem it.

How to use Bitcoin?

## For using the Bitcoin gift card anywhere, you must learn how to redeem it. Firstly, know that Bitcoin gift card will only work in those places where Bitcoin is acceptable.

Hence, it is important to ensure if Bitcoin is usable in your country or not. And if it is, you can get it redeemed and use the balance of the gift card for trading purpose.

You can buy anything and everything using the gift card balance. The balance will be the same amount which the bitcoin gift card holds.

How to get free Bitcoins?

Since Bitcoin is very expensive, anything that can get you the Bitcoin gift card without making you buy it will be beneficial.

To start the same, you can use PayPrizes for earning some Bitcoins and making some long term investments as you can keep the gift card for as long as you want and redeem it only when you think you should.

Hence, by redeeming it on the right time, you can make a lot of good profits.

Bitcoins Money

Here you get information about available Bitcoins with their proper amount.

$25 Bitcoins
Bitcoin Card
$50 Bitcoins
Bitcoin Card
$100 Bitcoins
Bitcoin Card

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