20 Best Antivirus Softwares for 2021

In this world of technology, we all use smart devices like Mobiles, Desktops, and Laptops. And in order to protect them, we download the best possible antivirus software.

So today, let us discuss the top 20 best antivirus software for 2021, which can give full protection to your device without charging a bomb from you. So let us get started with the list.

1. Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender


Microsoft Windows Defender is an antivirus from Microsoft which is reliable and easy. It will protect your PC against all the popups and other security threats that are caused by other software and spyware.

Windows Defender will give you real-time protection against malware, spyware, and other software threats you see on the cloud, web, apps, and emails.

It offers easy access to parental control, which can help in spying on your child’s activity, and offers cloud-delivered protection too. Talking about the best part, that it is free and hence you can use it without paying anything.

2. McAfee

McAfee Total Protection


McAfee Total Protection is an antivirus that is being used by many. If you want to use it on 10 different devices, the cost would be $39.99 per year, which is not high according to the services they provide. The amount we have shared is 50% off the renewal price, which is available for new customers mostly.

Features like a password-protected vault for storing the files, crypto-jacking protection, password manager make it worth it.

It also has the version that has McAfee VPN Services, but for that, you need to pay some extra. Overall, it has all those features, which makes it worth buying.

3. Norton

Norton 360 Deluxe


We don’t need any introduction to Norton 360 Deluxe. It is being used by the world and is one of the best antiviruses we have in 2021.

Talking about the price, you have to pay around $49.99 for the first year. It is available for all, including iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

Just in case if your logins are leaked and found on the dark web, it will alert you and will protect all your key devices together. Features like VPN Service, 50 GB Cloud Storage, Web Browsing Protection, High-Performance Tool, Phishing Protection, etc. are the major highlights of the software.

In a recent test, Norton 360 has scored the top marks for its usability, protection, and performance. It will also keep you updated with the monthly reports.

4. Bitdefender

Bitdefender Total Security


For using Bitdefender Total Security antivirus on 5 different devices, the amount you are required to pay for a year is as low as $44.99 only. A new and most demanding feature of the antivirus is that it has a vulnerability scanner.

The vulnerability scanner will keep a check for the weak network password, outdated software, protection against the virus such as Network threat prevention, ransomware which is emerging threats, but the antivirus will stop it before it starts.

Other features include a parental advisor if you have a kid at home, a password manager to protect your passwords, and anti-tracking tools. The app is handy and works very well when it comes to catching malware attacks.

5. BullGuard

BullGuard Premium Protection


BullGuard Premium Protection is indeed premium protection which has a machine learning technology which is used to block all kind of malware efficiently.

In order to protect all the devices at home, you only have to connect it, and it has a network scanner that will do the rest. Apart from that, it also has a secure browser through which you can browse the web without any risk of virus attacks.

The price you need to pay is $39.99 for a year, and it is very cheap as you are getting a big discount for the first year.

BullGuard Premium Protection also has an identity protection option that will search 100s of websites for all the stolen and leaked details, including the sites on the dark web too. The parental control is also there, which will keep you updated about your child’s activity and search history on his mobile.

6. Sophos

Sophos Home Premium


If you are searching for an affordable antivirus from the list, then here you go. You can buy the Sophos Home Premium, which is not just cost-effective but also is cloud-based management and has all those essential features in it too.

The price per year you need to pay for the same is $30 per year for ten different devices that can include Mac, Android, and PC too.

If you do not want to pay anything, you can still use the free version of the app that is available for all these devices.

The Sophos Home Premium has a dedicated ransomware module and other essential features. But it also lacks some features like the ability to shred the file, local network scan, and many more.

7. Avast

Avast Premier


Avast Premier is again a popular antivirus in the list of the best antivirus for 2021 we have. However, it is a bit costly, and hence, many won’t choose it over the other affordable antivirus apps available on the list.

It is user-friendly and has all the features like scan types, ransomware shields, web protection tools, file shredding, firewall protection, do not disturb mode so that you can ignore the popup that appears while playing the game, etc.

However, you won’t get the features like Anti track privacy service, password manager, and clean-up tool. But the only issue is that it gives you all these features that may be free in other apps. The price you have to pay is $79.99 for just one PC, which is way too higher than the others.

8. Avira

Avira Antivirus Pro


Avira Antivirus Pro is software that will protect your devices by offering several features. Like Privacy Pal, which can scan the system for digital traces for finding a profile, a browser plugin that can protect you in surfing the web, home guard, which will scan your local network and router for any vulnerability, etc.

For using these features, the amount of $34.99 is what you have to pay per year for using the same in three devices. For using the performance features and VPN, you are required to use the upgraded version that is the Avira Antivirus Prime version of the same.

9. AVG

AVG Ultimate


AVG Ultimate is an antivirus that is available with unlimited installs. The price you have to pay for the same is $99 per year. But the best part is that you can use the unlimited devices under this package, which indeed is a good deal.

Features like web shield, ransomware modules, other such layers to keep your PC protected, file shield, and a built-in firewall will be there. Other features like the type of system scan that includes USB and DVD analysis will be also be given.

However, features like VPN, integrated password manager, driver updater are the value-added extras, and for them, you may have to pay more.

10. Kaspersky

Kaspersky Security Cloud


Kaspersky Security Cloud is one more good antivirus we have in 2021. Features like helping you in detecting unauthorized devices, detecting dodgy websites, security tech to adjust the settings, helping in making the password strong, and also managing them are the major highlights of the software.

You have to pay the price of $89.99 for the three devices that can include mobile phones as well for one year. Overall, it can be used for protecting the device if your budget is higher than usual.

11. ESET

ESET Internet Security


ESET Internet Security is an antivirus that has a simple UI and is very user-friendly. It has features like home network protection tools, anti-theft tools, social media scanners, banking, and payment protection, etc will be given.

The price you need to pay is $39.99 for one year, one device is quite costly. However, the features this software app is offering are going to be in the package only, which other antivirus apps don’t.

12. F-Secure

F-Secure SAFE


The F-Secure SAFE Antivirus is a powerful antivirus that is enough and capable of offering all your devices by giving it full protection.

Features such as banking protection for keeping online shopping safe, family safety tools, a locator for the loss of a device, delete the data so that it can not be misused are the major highlights of the antivirus.

It is easy to use F-Secure SAFE for which you have to pay around $34.99 per year, and it will protect three devices. Overall, it is worth buying, which is quite affordable for the services they are offering.

13. Comodo

Comodo Antivirus


Comodo Antivirus is software that can not be used by everyone. Having said that, we mean that if you are a newbie in the field, it will be difficult for you to use the software as it has a complicated setup, which is perfect for experts.

However, if you are able to use this, consider yourself lucky as it is an effective virus detector. Once they find it, it will make them and keep it isolated as it has a feature called Auto Sandbox technology.

The cost of the software is $39.99 per year. It also has features such as detecting the latest viruses, password protection, etc.

14. G Data

G Data Antivirus


G Data antivirus is an old name in European countries. However, it is still struggling to find recognition in the US market. It is one of the most effective antiviruses that can detect many viruses very quickly.

It has features like automatic USB flash memory inspection, hourly updated, banking protection, online shopping, protection from phishing emails with attachments, and a 24/7 phone hotline. (only for English support.) The antivirus is available at $29.95 per year, which is easy to manage for protecting one device.

15. Webroot

Webroot - SecureAnywhere AntiVirus


SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is an antivirus that is very light and easy to use. There is no need for those bulky signature updates, and the program is a 2MB download, which is very light. These features are beneficial for those who are struggling with a slow internet connection.

It can do identity security, able to meet malware threats, monitors the firewall and network for attacks, real-time anti-phishing, etc. Since it is small, you can manage and use the software very easily. For using the same, you have to pay the cost of $19.99 per year, but that will cover only one device.

16. Trend Micro

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security


Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is a software that has expertise in ransomware and spam. It is a very user-friendly software that makes it easy to be used by everyone.

The software has a 30-day free trial, which will be enough to know if you should invest your money in buying the premium version or not.

The major issue with this software is that it has a high number of false positives than the other software, and it is slow and, at times, requires more resources, which makes you think twice while buying it for an older system.

However, if your system is new, you can surely go for the same. Talking about the price, you need to pay around $29.95 for a year, and it will cover a single device only.

17. VirusTotal



VirusTotal is an antivirus that is used for scanning the files that you think have a virus. No matter whichever file it is, no matter the place you have downloaded from, the antivirus will detect it and scan them all.

It also ensures periodic scans, which means that the files will get scanned regularly to make sure that it has no virus, and gives you a warning whenever they detect something. The software is free of cost and can be used by anyone.

18. Panda Dome

Panda Dome


Panda Dome is software that can remove all the viruses from your hard drive as well. It also includes a rescue USB tool that can help you with the same. The software is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows too.

It offers features such as password protection, data protection, parental control, secure browsing, banking, call blocker for phones, etc. The plan provides a free trial to ensure which fits into your bill. For using the premium version, you need to pay around $30 a year.

19. Cylance Smart

Cylance Smart Antivirus


Cylance is an antivirus that is very easy and is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Cylance is known as intelligent software as it compares the files to the known threat, which has to be updated. It also understands the components of threats to deal with better.

The software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you don’t like it. The pack starts from $45.99 per year.

20. Total Defense

Total Defense Antivirus


Lastly, this Total Defense antivirus will protect your PC from all possible viruses and spyware available. It offers rootkit protection to the PC too.

It is easy and is a recognized antivirus that provides multiple amazing features such as robust security, quick setup, easy scheduling, protection against malware, parental control, and even Total Defense scan.

For using the antivirus for three different devices, you have to pay $27.49 for a year, which is very affordable for those who are not here looking for those excellent features.