These days people have started using the internet more often than ever before. Things are getting launched, and people are getting used to it. So, as Android emulators. It isn’t anything very new as people are aware of it now.

People still are looking for the best Android emulator to run the Android apps on their desktop because of their own reasons, conveniences. People are always looking for the best android emulators, which can get the work done with no issue at all.

Among all the emulators, the best name is BlueStacks. People prefer using BlueStacks over any other random android emulator because it works well in most cases, and it is also available for macOS and Windows.

But since BlueStacks has started showing up some issues like stability problems, lack of features, people are trying to find out its better alternative these days.

The one more big issue with BlueStacks is that it has no developer-oriented feature in the software, and hence, people are looking forward to finding the best alternatives to BlueStacks. If you are also looking for the same, then you have landed in the right place.

List of 15 Best Bluestacks Alternatives

Here, we are making the list of the best 15 alternatives of BlueStacks. So let us scroll down and see the list.

1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player

Price: Free (Windows & Mac)


If we talk about the best android emulator, then Nox App Player will be the first choice of many for sure. This android emulator is basically for gamers and has got attractive features.

If we talk about the UI of this emulator, it is a little different from the basic emulators. But once you are familiar with it, you will be able to use it easily. It comes with Google Play installed.

If you are looking to download the apps, then you don’t have to worry about it. It also has got a file explorer if you are looking to download an APK file.

Other than that, you will also get the option to simulate the touch and gestures, and also, you can record the screen whenever you wish to share or play it later. It is a dependent emulator on Android, and that also includes many features that are different.

Since it has a lot of features, you might find it difficult initially, but once you start getting used to it, you will be able to use it easily. You also can alter the amount of FPS CPU cores and also the quantity of RAM.

Just in case you want some flexibility in their compatibility, you can always change the mode DirectX to OpenGL.

2. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Price: Free (Windows)


Remix OS Player is one of the most common names in the list of best alternatives of BlueStacks. It is one of those emulators which can do everything and anything very easily. If you are looking for an emulator that is used for the high configure PC, you can use the Remix OS Player blindly.

It is also one of the known and popular emulators, which is why it is perfect to be an alternative to BlueStacks. In fact, it is the most updated player in the market available, which can smoothly run any android app on your PC.

The basic requirements of this emulator include Core i3, 4GB RAM, internet access to have stable connectivity, and 8 GB storage. If you have a 16 GB one, it would be best.

It will also allow you to run if you have low specs PC. The interface of this emulator is pretty good, and it has many options, such as to open up in a window of PC separately.

All over, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a multi-tasking emulator where you can run any application or multiple apps without any system-related hindrance.

3. LDPlayer


Price: Free (Windows)


If your usage from the android emulator is not a very basic one and you are looking to use some very high-performance emulator, then you need to use this LDPlayer emulator. It can be perfect if you are a gamer and you want to play android games on PC.

Indeed, it is one of the best emulators we have seen so far. It has made many game-oriented features where you can get the keyboard control, multi instances, script recorder, and much more that you will be using in the game.

You can also use the PC’s virtualization technology and get a lovely performance for the integrated and dedicated graphics. It is compatible with NVIDIA, Intel, and also AMD powered by Windows.

4. Genymotion Android Emulator

Genymotion Android Emulator

Price: Paid (60 Minutes of free on Genymotion Cloud)


If you are still finding the best alternatives for BlueStacks, then you also can try this Genymotion once at least. It is one of the best BlueStacks alternatives and is equally useful.

Genymotion is a user-friendly android emulator, which makes it easy for everyone to use it. It will let all the android developers test their beta apps without even giving any harm to them virtually.

Talking about the Genymotion, it is powered by OpenGL 2.0 Technology. It is mainly made for the developers, and hence, you will get full support for a beta app to all your devices.

The basic requirements for this emulator are to have a hard disk space of at least 8 GB min, 2 GB RAM, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 would work with it, 64 bit CPU with VT-x and AMD-V support. For Mac, Apple MAC OS X version 10.8 or above is minimum.

This emulator is available for many android operating systems starting from Android 2.3 to the latest available OS. And due to its high compatibility, it has become the choice for many to work as an android emulator.

Genymotion also gives the power to their users if they want to set the RAM and internal storage for their devices.

5. Andy Android Emulator


Price: Free (Windows)


The name of this emulator is nothing less than a totally out of the box name. If you have an interest in playing games, and you are fond of android apps, then this is going to be an interesting app for you. It has an easy setup, and you can easily have the android experience with ease.

Apart from this, Andy’s Android emulator has got many other features and advantages. You can have the support of their team as it is full of multiple developers. If you want to use an app like Viber, WhatsApp, it will work the best. Also, it can be used as a controller that can access all the apps in it while you are playing a game.

Since there are so many additional benefits, people prefer it even over any other app. You can simply use it, and it is very easy to use. Also, if you are a newbie, you can use it easily.

The basic requirements are to have 20 GB free disk space in your PC, Intel dual-core CPU that should support the virtualization technology, Windows 7/8 or 10, x86 or even x64, 3GB RAM, and OpenGL ES2.0 capable video card.

6. MEmu


Price: Free (Windows)


Another big name in the list of best alternatives of BlueStacks is nothing else but MEmu. The name is quite unique, and it works really well. Talking about the special quality of this emulator, it has both Intel and AMD chipsets.

You can also be able to run different and many apps at the same time, this is something new for all of the emulators we have seen. It can go as large as Lollipop. Be it for an app or for a game, you can use it for everything and anything with a click. And since it is free of cost to use, you would like it even more.

7. Android-x86


Price: Free (OS)


If you are looking to get a feeling of OS, then go for nothing else but Android-x86 for sure. This android emulator is based on an android open source project, and the changes here are made in order to infuse the compatibility for PC architecture.

You will be able to run any android device on Intel x86 and AMD processor through this emulator. It will also give you a chance to complete user satisfaction by providing the option to test the OS via LiveCD.

Android-x86 emulator is based on the Dalvik Virtual Machine. It also has got the complete support of the android application. And in a few months, you can expect it on android runtime for the latest android OS support.

Initially, the support was for only the android OS to EEE PC. But now it has extended to standard x86 devices as well.

You may not exactly consider it as an exact alternative. However, still, it has gained enough limelight, and the services and features it provides is nothing less than any other android emulator mentioned in the list.

The requirements for using this tool are to have a Dalvik Virtual Machine, Intel x86, or AMD processor.

8. KoPlayer


Price: Free (Windows & Mac)


In this list of all the experienced alternatives of Bluestack, an android emulator tool, this KoPlayer is quite a new name to mention. However, it is still the deserving one as it has managed to fly under the radars.

If you are into gaming, you will be able to use key mapping to emulate the controller with the keyboard, record gameplay, and also you can upload it wherever you want to through this tool.

Apart from this, installing it is also very easy. If we talk about the only downside we have found, it is the fact that KoPlayer is a little buggy. You can expect a smooth service and easy features from this emulator.

9. YouWave


Price: Free & Paid (Windows)


Looking for an alternative to BlueStacks, which works even better than that? Then the app YouWave android emulator is going to work perfectly for you. It is not just available for Windows 7 or 8 but also for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It also supports both 32 bit and 64-bit architecture.

YouWave has many other features to offer as well. It supports multiplayer games that can be played online and which is the most basic demand of every gamer. You can also download an app through their virtual box, which is an app store. Many such things make it better than BlueStacks.

The only thing is that it is not free. But it has many features that can surely make you convinced to spend around $19.99 for getting this tool.

10. Dolphin


Price: Free (Windows, Mac & Linux)


The name Dolphin is quite a unique name, and so as this app, which fits the bill perfectly to be the alternative of BlueStacks. It just doesn’t serve people using Windows but also to Linux and MAC users as well.

Since it is an open-source android emulator and very easy to use one, you can use it to run commercial games and Wii remotes too on your PC. All that be for free, and the interface will make it more interesting for you to use.

If you like all the action replay things, then this is the best emulator ever because it has those features if you want. It can record all the moments of you and your rival, so even if you’re going to go back to history, you can. It has a map feature to the original game cube controller and Wii remote in the app.

11. Limbo PC Emulator


Price: Free (Android)


If you are tired of finding the emulator because you are using an old operating system, let say Windows 7 or Windows XP, then this Limbo PC Emulator is going to suit you the most.

Limbo PC Emulator will run on Ubuntu and Linux as well. It is a very light weighted android emulator that does support many apps and games very easily.

12. BlissOS-x86


Price: Free (OS)


You can not exactly consider the alternative of BlueStacks as it is more like a virtual machine and very similar to VMWare. But it will let your computer run Android from the boot. 

In other words, we can say that BlissOS supports all the android games and apps, and you can use it as an android emulator easily.

The only task is to install it as it may be difficult if you are new to it. But if not, then you can use it as an alternative, and trust us, it will be the best emulator for you to have and use.

13. Droid4x



Price: Free (Windows)


If you don’t want to spend money on buying an alternative to BlueStacks, then go for Droid4x as it is going to be the best one for you. It will allow you to emulate all the android apps and games on your PC except a few.

You can use it free of cost, and the interface of this emulator is very easy and friendly. You won’t take much time to get it.

If you want to download any game or any app from Android, you can easily do it through Droid4x without any fail.

14. Windroy


Price: Free (Windows)


We can’t call it an app that can run the Android-based apps and games on your PC, but still, you can download the games and make them run on your computer easily. It will copy the android interface surface on your PC so that it will be controlled using your computer.

However, there will be no keyboard customization and gamepad support available because they have made it test the apps. But still, if you want a basic use, you can always use it.



Price: Free (Windows)


Lastly, we have come across this free and one of the best android emulator if you are using a Windows operating system named AMIDuOS.

It will also emulator all the android app and games, and it supports hardware acceleration, customized keyboard, OpenGL, etc like every other android emulator mentioned in the list.

All over, it does all of those things which an emulator does, and you can get it all for free of cost.

Final Words

So these were the best top 15 BlueStacks alternatives, which have been your favorite android emulator till now.

If you want to try something else, please feel free to use any name mentioned in the list. For any suggestions, please comment and share your views.