The Internet is speeding up everything these days. We do have many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. through which one can communicate with each other easily.

Talking about Tumblr, it is something different than other basic social networking websites we have.

Tumblr is one of the biggest microblogging platforms, with more than 400 million users, where users can post various stuff like text blogs, photos, and videos.

Even for the bloggers, it is perfect as they can manage their blog through Tumblr. It is also trendy among bloggers who love sharing their thoughts on social media.

However, the main use of Tumblr has always been sharing videos, designs, and photos.

Why replacing Tumblr?

Tumblr has always been a leading platform for all of us. Be it normal photos, videos, blogs, or even GIFs, and you can use Tumblr for all of them. But recently, some restrictions have been made on Tumblr due to which people aren’t able to use it freely.

According to the guidelines, you aren’t allowed to post any kind of content, which is either adult or illegal.

Thus, we are here to bring you some of the Tumblr alternatives, which can be used easily by everyone.

List of Best Tumblr Alternatives

Follow the list of 20 best Tumblr alternatives, which can replace your use of Tumblr.

1. WordPress

If you are talking about blogging and things related to it, you can’t complete your conversation without naming WordPress, which is not just one of the best Tumblr alternatives but is a platform commonly used by all bloggers.

WordPress has two variants in which one is free, whereas the other one is the premium one.

Talking about the first one, it is s free and open source script based content management system that you can install on a web server easily. The other one is a freemium platform of blogging through which you can start your blog easily.

WordPress is not just easy to use but has many such features that can be useful for people who are into blogging. It has many themes and plug-ins available for both free and paid.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is safe for everyone and has many powerful management features. Also, it is scalable and has robust support as well.

If you are someone who wants to get started with blogging and focus on monetization of the blog, it is the best platform for you.

2. Soup

Don’t judge it by its name as it really works. Soup has all the features which make it the best alternative of Tumblr. If we talk about the interface and the features of Soup, you will find it very similar to Tumblr.

If you want something that can directly import the posts from the various social media platforms such as Reddit, SoundCloud, and Twitter, then Soup is perfect for you. Be it an image or a video; you will be able to post everything. It will also publish the posts to Facebook automatically.

Soup is a very easy microblogging platform that works in many ways and is perfect for light use. You can also point your custom domain to the Soup microblog. It has many such customization options and CSS editing features with auto-posting, which can be done via email.

However, if you are a WordPress user, then this might not be up to your expectations. But for the people who use Tumblr, it is going to be perfect for them.

Overall, Soup is suitable for people who need a platform for simple use of posting and editing.

3. Typepad

Typepad is another big name in the list of best Tumblr alternatives. If you are someone who doesn’t want those heavy and multi-feature alternatives of Tumblr, then this Typepad is perfect for you.

For a newbie, it is a perfect platform as it will going to have a much built-in analytics tool that is going to help your blog. It is trendy, and it is used by the likes of ABC, BBC, MSNBC, and such other players in the media industry.

By using the tools Typepad offers, you can go into the depth of your blog and see the stats which will be going to beneficial for you. It can import posts from WordPress and is very reliable when it comes to trusting.

Features like Google Analytics, map custom domains, and CSS based theme editing make it even more worthy of spending on as you will be a paid one. However, you can always have a free trial before you pay for it.

4. Reddit

Reddit is very popular and hence doesn’t need any introduction. It is also known as the front page of the internet as it has the feature of enabling open discussion.

To set up your own subreddit, you don’t have to be a tech geek. You can do it in very simple steps.

All your posts you will post there will be immune from the censorship till the time you keep it all legal.

Reddit has more than 500 million users and is perfect for you to replace Tumblr with. You are also allowed to share your opinions, your thought, and artwork with the internet Reddit.

5. Posthaven

Posthaven isn’t free but is a platform worth spending. That has claimed that their services will never get sold neither acquired ever.

You need to pay a price of around $5 per month for a blog account, and each of them can have up to 10 blogs in total.

Some of the features of Posthaven are email notifications, password-protected blogs for your blogs, and you can also have a post that can have any audio or video content on it.

People who are looking for a reliable and simple service can try Posthaven.

Also, note that it is a paid service where you will not get any free trial. If you want to start using it, there is no option available other than paying for the same.

6. DeviantArt

If you aim to share the artwork, then you can replace Tumblr with DeviantArt. Despite the fact that it isn’t as popular as other alternatives are in the list and lack important features, we still have mentioned in the list because of a reason.

DeviantArt is not for any heavy or even light usage for people who are into blogging but works great when it comes to the people who are into artwork.

If you are an artist, be it for making digital art or hand-drawn one, you can explore excellent artistic content from this platform.

DeviantArt is a platform which is mostly used for sharing your own artwork, explore more, and for all those fan-fictions. However, if you are looking for some advanced features even in artwork, then it might not be very suitable for you.

7. Site123

Site123 might not have as many features as Tumblr gives you, but is undoubtedly the one which can be used for making a more personalized website. It has all the essential tools and features which are needed to make a website.

Designing the website can become way too easier if you use Site123. Be it for making a blog, a photography niche website, a single niche one, or maybe a professional business website, or for creating your online store, you can make anything with this platform.

Site123 has many such features like a solid collection of templates, a custom domain name for online business makes it exciting and easy for the user to make their website.

The best part is that you can do all of it for free of cost as it also offers a free trial.

8. Medium

Medium is indeed the most popular alternative of Tumblr in this list. In fact, if we talk about its growth, it is again speedy and has gained popularity just in 4 years.

Features like sharing links, adding tags, ability to set the different visibility, keyboard shortcuts are the major highlights of Medium. Other than that, you can also import the posts from other platforms and can follow different authors.

Medium emphasizes the quality of content, which will be way more than any other service.

If you are interested in writing articles, it is going to work the best for you. It also has built-in stats that can be used for checking the engagement of users on every post. However, it doesn’t have any Google Analytics support and is also zero in customization.

Overall, it is suited for those who are looking for quality content and engagement per post.

9. Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google and is best suited for people who want to start their blog. It is indeed the easiest one for newbie bloggers.

Blogger has many features like options that can be helpful in viewing the detailed stats like traffic sources, monthly page views, and comments, multi-user support, posting through email, etc.

Each blogger account can have up to 100 different blogs in total, and for earning money, it also has full integration with Google’s Ad-sense program.

The interface of Blogger is also updated with different unique design languages, which can be useful for making your account look interesting.

The one major issue it has is it will not let you host your blog on a web server, and hence, you will be left with the option of using the DNS feature to redirect it to the blog in case of a custom domain. It doesn’t have much scope in scaling and has minimal plug-in support.

If you don’t want to invest in purchasing hosting, then Blogger is free of cost.

10. Mastodon

If you compare Mastodon with Twitter, you will find many similarities. It also lets you create a post that can be public, and you can follow people and also get followed by people like Twitter.

Mastodon is an open-source and decentralized service that has a big user base for years. Features like covering a large community, decentralized, and dedicated server for all types of content, it has everything which makes it fit in the bill of making it the best alternative of Tumblr.

If you are expecting it to be similar to Tumblr, then no, it isn’t even close to it but has many common features. You can like posts, make comments, and do reposting as well.

Creating a new post is also easy here, but it can be difficult for people to start with it. Overall, if you are looking for an ad-free social media network, it works well.

11. Pinterest

Pinterest is known for sharing your photos, and you can always use the option pin and do it when you find something interesting.

Pinterest is also used for searching for unique designs in case of drop shipping. The platform is very big and community-driven.

As we just mentioned, it is also used for e-commerce purposes as it also lets the user buy the products and services from various social media platforms.

Pinterest is focused on creativity and can be used for people looking to gain popularity. It is different and can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Tumblr.

12. Snapchat

Snapchat is very similar to Instagram, as it is also a photo-sharing platform. However, here, you have enough privacy given, and you can always custom the features according to your own.

You can also have a closed group of followers and share something which will be only in the group. No censorship rules are made for Snapchat users; however, no illegal activity should be involved.

In Snapchat, you will also have a news feed through which you can watch and read the news, and this feature isn’t available in most of the alternatives given of Tumblr in the list.

Apart from this, there are many filters available in the app which will keep the interest alive of the users.

13. SoundCloud

As the name suggests, SoundCloud is limited to audio. It is a platform that is mainly for the people looking for audio and not video, and also, it has a deal with Sony and likes of the universal studio of availing the full rights of their content to the users.

If you are someone who keeps on making money through your voice, this platform can be very beneficial for you.

Many artists are using SoundCloud. If other users of the platform stream your content, you will be paid for the same. Not just as a hobby, but you can make your career through the same.

14. Flickr

The next name in the list of popular alternatives of Tumblr is Flickr, which is also a web-based photo-sharing site.

Since Flickr is very famous and a reputed name with a strong user base, it isn’t free for all. You need to use their premium services, and if you do that, you will get access to unlimited storage.

However, if you aren’t in a mood to spend, you need to be limited with limited storage. If you are posting stuff that is legal and fair, you will have a good time posting that.

On Flickr, you can make a group as well, which is a different feature here, and you also can follow other users and customize it in that way that whenever they post anything, you will get a notification.

15. Sharesome

Sharesome has its main focus on adult content. Here, users can express them and also is allowed to share their difficulties with other fellow users of the site.

A good part of Sharesome is that it is free so you don’t have to pay for their services. You are free to interact with other users and also can avail of the feature called anonymous. By using that feature, you can hide your identity if you don’t want to reveal it.

16. Ghost

Powerful and customizable, that is what Ghost defines to them. It is used as a professional blogging platform. All the legal content is allowed on Ghost, and they mainly serve to the bloggers.

Every user has enough rights to express them and everything you want, you can share on the platform without getting it approved and worrying about censorship.

17. Ello

Ello is a platform again mainly caters to the creative and the artists. If you are looking for a design, you can use this platform. Also, for using it as a creative designer and sharing your work, Ello is perfect.

Ello is designed very basic and simple so that everyone can use it without getting trouble. It might not be multi-featured like other names on the list, but it still is an excellent choice for people looking to share their artwork with others.

18. Newgrounds

The Newsgrounds is mostly used for artists, creators, and bloggers as well. Since the time Apple removed Tumblr from their app store, people have started using Newsgrounds as an alternative to Tumblr. It has been two years since Newsgrounds has become popular.

All over, it is a suitable platform for everyone can people can, for sure, get plenty of features here.

19. Twitter

Twitter is already so popular as it has a tough competition with Tumblr and is suitable to be its alternative as well.

Be it for artists, writers, or for an adult content creator; everyone can use Twitter easily. It is more like microblogging and a social media website.

Users will get options such as a tweet, retweet, share, and like on it. You will have to make your account, and your Twitter handle will be the thing that will act as a username.

You can see tweets all around the world and can follow other users of the platform. It also has its app available and is free of cost.

If you want to know what is trending around the world, you can use the hashtags and see the trending tweets. For every post, you will get 280 characters except for a few languages in which one tweet can be written and posted.

20. Pillowfort

Lastly, if anything from the list doesn’t interest you much, then you can always try this last option we have, Pillowfort.

Even though Pillowfort is new as compared to other alternatives in the list, it is enough and has a big platform where a large number of users are active every day.

Pillowfort is making all the possible ways to grow like Tumblr. The main focus of Pillowfort is on blogs and not images.

Not as smooth and functional as others, but has enough features which can give control to the users on visibility and privacy-related issues.

Final Words

So these were the best 20 alternatives of Tumblr, which can be used instead of Tumblr. I have tried mentioning every leading and useful platform for our users.

Some of them are paid, whereas some are for free, but all of them are unique and have some different features from each other.

You can use these platforms and let us know about your experience. Please go through the list and let us know if you liked this article or found it useful. 

Also, for any suggestions, please comment down and let us know the feedback.