Whenever the word fashion comes, we imagine women. But does it mean that fashion is only applicable to women? Well, not always. Men can also do that; fashion is meant for them as well.

When we talk about fashion, it doesn’t mean to be updated and wearing fancy clothes. It can be very simple and, at the same time, elegant as well.

You don’t need to wear things that look costly for the same. Even the simple looking thing can leave the same impact if worn correctly.

Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Today, we are going to talk about those biggest fashion mistakes that a man should never make.

1. Getting ready to impress women or an interview

getting ready to impress women or an interview

We all like getting ready. But if you are doing it to impress someone particularly, you are doing it all wrong.

If you think that wearing some good clothes can easily get you a girl or maybe a job for which you are not even qualified enough, then you are highly mistaken.

You might be liked when seen, but if you are not well educated or enough for anything, clothes can not do wonders here.

Also, if you start getting ready with an intention to impress someone, you are not going to be happy ever as you are going to judge yourself by someone else’s point of view.

2. Wearing torn shoes

wearing torn shoes

Shoes are the thing which will be noticed first, especially if you are a man. Generally people like seeing the shoes you are wearing before anything else.

No matter what the situation is and how much rush you are in, try wearing the footwear, which might not be expensive but looks good. Also, never forget to polish or clean it before stepping out because people do notice it.

So if you think that you can wear a torn shoes and people won’t notice you either, you are again mistaken. People would notice you, and that wouldn’t look nice either.

3. Wearing sandals or pairing them with socks

wearing sandals or pairing them with socks

Wearing sandals or pairing them with socks is again the worst combination ever. Do not do that.

Never. It is quite okay to wear sandals at times because you can not always be ready top to bottom. People like wearing casual sandals when they go out for a walk or for buying groceries. It is comforting, and it is okay to do that.

But if you are going to an interview or for your job which is not an off-site one or you are wearing it every time you go out, you are doing it all wrong.

Also, make sure not to pair your sandals with socks because it completely looks bad.

4. Wearing V-neck t-shirts

wearing V-neck t-shirts

What is the point of wearing V-neck t-shirts when you are not a woman? Okay, to make it more clear if you are wearing a t-shirt, it is okay and people like wearing it.

But if you are wearing a deep V neck t-shirt, it looks feminine, and you may not look good in it. So always try to avoid such combinations.

If you like wearing t-shirts, then always wear a round neck one because it will suit you. Also, if you are a very skinny guy, then do not wear such t-shirts because it won’t suit your personality.

5. Not wearing according to the personality

not wearing according to the personality

As I have just mentioned above, if you are not comfortable in certain clothes, then do not wear them. No matter how much you like a specific design or clothes, you must be ready and in shape to wear them.

If you are a very skinny guy, then always prefer oversized hoodies or Full sweatshirts or shirts as it is going to suit your personality.

If you are a muscular one, then wearing a t-shirt will also suit you because your biceps will show in it.

6. Buying clothes for future

buying clothes for future

It is always good to have a fitness goal that you want to meet in the future. But if you are buying clothes that don’t fit you now but will do in the future, then you are making absolutely no sense here.

Reason? Because you don’t know how much time would it take. Even if you make it, the design, the cloth will become outdated, and you might also change your mind.

So instead of buying clothes for the future, you can always buy or wait for some time. If you achieve a certain goal, then reward yourself by purchasing the same for you.

7. White jeans or bright color shirts

white jeans or bright color shirts

White jeans are slightly out of the box. You don’t see people wearing a white pair of jeans every day. Isn’t it? And of course, it looks a little odd.

If you are planning for a change and are going to wear white jeans, then please don’t do that. It doesn’t look good in most cases.

Also, if you are a guy and you like wearing colors like pink, red, orange, yellow, or shimmery, it might be the worst decision ever. If you want to be colorful, try wearing some decent color instead.

8. Wearing too tight or too large clothes

wearing too tight or too large clothes

When it comes to a guy, people don’t like seeing you in a very tight fitted shirt or jeans. It doesn’t look nice either.

In fact, you are going to feel super uncomfortable in it, and you might not be able to keep it for long. So if you are wearing a shirt or jeans that are way too tight for you, just don’t wear them.

Again, just as wearing too tight clothes are a bad idea, wearing too large is even worse. You don’t have to wear those loose pieces on you that don’t look good, and that can not tell the shape of your body.

Instead of going to extremes, try to wear something that fits you perfectly.

9. Wearing that jersey or grey shorts every time

wearing that jersey or grey shorts every time

Considering the fact that men don’t like to spend much time on their clothes, unlike women, you still don’t have to wear your favorite jersey every time you go out.

Understand that you are not going to play a football match whenever you step out. And if you are not, for god’s sake, don’t carry that jersey.

Also, if you are on vacation, you still can wear multiple things instead of that one grey shorts. It doesn’t look nice at all, especially when people around you see you wearing the same every day.

10. Overdressed with multiple colors

overdressed with multiple colors

It is good to have that special day when you are allowed to get ready like a perfect gentleman.

You, for sure, deserve it. But if you think that getting ready which makes you different from the normal day is to wear too many color clothes at one time, then this is not going to work at all.

It doesn’t look great. Try wearing one or two colors at one time and also try to make sure that it is pairing with each other nicely. If not, then wear something else.

11. Wearing extra makeup

wearing extra makeup

If you are a man and you think that man doesn’t do makeup, then it is completely a lie.

Men also these days apply makeup like various face creams, serum, and even lipsticks. And that is okay. But if you are also among the one who does that, then please do not overdo it.

If you are wearing makeup, then make sure that it looks like your no-makeup look as women generally don’t like men who do a lot of makeup. Also, the layers shouldn’t be shown or visible like women.

12. Wearing too many accessories

wearing too many accessories

It is partial to say that only women can wear accessories and not men. Men can also do that. There is nothing wrong with it if you like wearing accessories. But try not to overdo it. If you are covering yourself with a bunch of them, then you are not going to look good.

There are not a lot of designs available for men. So if you are lucky enough to find some decent one, then try to keep it one or two only. Do not wear multiple things at the same time.

13. Stained or not ironed clothes

stained or not ironed clothes

Again, this is one of the worst and common mistakes that almost every man must have made in his life. But this is a big mistake. You should not do that at all.

If you are in a hurry, then wear something available with no stains. Clothes like shirts with stains don’t look nice, especially when you are going out formally.

People would notice it, and it doesn’t look hygienic either. Similarly, shirts that are not ironed will also not look good.

14. Repeating the same clothes

repeating the same clothes

It is okay to have a small wardrobe with a clothing collection. You don’t have to buy the whole showroom to look good. Even if you are purchasing a few pieces that are enough for you is okay. Nobody is going to judge you anyway.

However, if you are repeating the same shirt every time or every day or even to continue three days in a row, then this might not look very good.

Nothing is wrong with repeating your clothes, but try not to do it every time you go out.

15. Only wearing branded clothes

only wearing branded clothes

Branded clothes are said to be the most premium ones. We all like it, and there is nothing wrong with it again.

People love wearing branded clothes. But if you think that only a branded shirt can make you look good, then it is your mistake.

It won’t do that at all. If you want to look good, then try wearing a shirt or t-shirt that looks neat, and even if the quality is not premium but is okay, then you are going to look better than most of them.

Final Words

So these were the mistakes along with a tip that can help you in not making those fashion mistakes that you have been making for years without even noticing it.

So for the next time you dress up, try making sure to keep these things in mind before going out and keep yourself look presentable enough to look good.