Videos games were a revolution in the history of games. Earlier people used to play games that did not involve any screens.

With the improvement in technology, people started becoming fascinated with gadgets and were looking for entertainment sources on these gadgets. These were the times when companies started exploiting the use of their fondness for screens and launched video games.

The first video game, “Tennis for Two” was launched in 1958. Right after that, there has been no turning back. People became fond of video games, and it became their way of entertaining themselves using screens. 

As technology advanced more, companies started launching more and more video games. Mind you! These were no more simple and easy. Video games began turning more and more complex.

In the modern world, we have made games that are so much more complicated than the ones we had in earlier times.

Be it Minecraft, Super Marios, Half-life, or any other. They have changed our lives in significant ways. 

Some people love video games way too much. Then some people are a hoarder of video games. They love collecting video games, even if they do not play them. But there are times when you are sick of collecting things that you do not use. In such heavy times, what you can do is sell them.

15 Best Places to Sell Video Games Online

Here’s a list of places you should consider selling your video games for cash as well as what to consider for each.

1. eBay

eBay is a single website where you can sell anything. By anything, I mean anything. So why not use it as a platform to sell your video games and get a reasonable price for them? 

You can sell your video games; it’s related accessories and consoles on eBay. You can list your item for free.

Once you get a deal done with a trustworthy buyer, and you decide that you want your product to be sold, you can print a shipping label which offers you a discount of 25% on shipping. Once your buyer receives the item, you receive the payment via PayPal.

So many people in the world use eBay, so it is pretty obvious that it is an amazing way of selling your unused video games.

Also, you can buy new video games, with the money you earn by selling the old ones. eBay gives you a lot of options to sell the games that you do not like or play anymore.

2. Complete Entertainment Exchange

Popularly known as CeX, it is a website where you can sell and buy video games. To begin with, all you have to do is log in for free. Later, list your item on their website.

You need to add a photo and a short description of it. Also, when you decide to sell stuff to CeX, the video game legally becomes theirs. They may give you some other price for the video game you want to sell, if there is any defect present or if it deviates from the description given.

All the products on their website are second hand if they are not stated otherwise. You can sell any video games on their site, be it boxed, unboxed, or discounted.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist provides you with one of the best platforms to get the best price for your video game. When you are done playing the video game and no longer wish to own it, you can switch to Craigslist to sell it. It compares prices to a lot of websites and then offers you the best price for your video game. It is not limited to video games only; you can sell anything on Craigslist.

You get to keep the profit, and they do not charge you even a single penny for listing the item on their website. Also, you can sell your video games locally by using the same site. There is just one thing that proves to be both best and worst for this website, and it is that they let you negotiate on your own.

You can meet the buyer and sell them your product. This can be very convenient at times, but sometimes it can turn pretty weird.

Craigslist provides you with a platform to show your product and list its price, rest you need to do yourself. You have to decide who will purchase your product, in contrast to other websites.

4. eStarland

eStarland is an amazing platform to sell and buy your old and used video games. They give you amazing ways to receive payment, which is pretty peculiar to their website only.

You can receive payment in a store by selling your video game in the store. You can also receive payment via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or through Email.

The eStarland is considered an excellent way of getting a reasonable price for the video game you have used for a long time.

5. GameStop

You can nearly trade for anything on GameStop, be it games, systems, accessories, tablets, smartphones, retro gaming, and more. You can bring the video games that you want to sell.

You can click a good quality photograph of the video game with all the necessary equipment that is needed for that video game to function. You get money for the video game according to the condition that it is in.

You can save them on the items that you want to buy in the near future.

GameStop is a highly recommended website for the people who are looking for feasible options to save money by selling the video games that they own.

6. Decluttr

If you think your video games are lying in a corner and shouting to be sold, it is the time when you should do something about it. You can nearly sell anything on Decluttr. Also, they provide free shipping on the products that you want to sell on their site.

What you need to do is to click a picture of the product that you want to sell. Then you need to get a print out of the free shipping label that they provide on their website.

Once you are done packing your video game in the boxes, you can add the free shipping label on them and ship them for free. Once the company receives the products, and they check them thoroughly, they send you the payment for the item. It is very important to sell good quality video games only because there are chances that they can cancel your payment because your product has not been up to the mark.

Decluttr is a fantastic way of getting the maximum price for the video game that you no longer use.

7. Amazon

Is there a better way of selling something other than putting it on Amazon? Amazon is one of the most popular websites to sell your stuff online. You can even use it to sell video games.

You can become a seller for crores of people if you put your video games on Amazon. They provide you with a service of picking up products from your house, and they offer you pay as per the video game that you have sent and the condition in which they are shipped.

Also, their staff is pretty supportive if you need any support from them.

8. DKOldies

DKOldies is one website that offers you a warranty of one twenty days. The products that they sell are entirely authentic and offer you free shipping on orders of $25.

You can sell used video games, original game systems, and your gaming accessories. They provide you with a one-day payment, take up anything for sale, and provide a free shipping label.

You can sell your video games and related accessories at a reasonable and fair price on this website. So you must use it to get a good price for your unused or overuse of video games.

9. Gameflip

Gameflip is one platform which offers you a variety of services to choose from. You can sell your physically or digitally owned video games on this website. Also, these video games can be preowned.

You can list the video games that you want to sell on the website. Add a short description of the video game that you want to sell.

Once the item has been sold to the buyer, you receive the price for the product. You get the payment in your Gameflip account only, but you can transfer it to your PayPal account, bank account, or Bitcoin. They do not charge you even a single penny for selling your video game on their website.

Also, they make sure that confidential information is kept hidden. Gameflip protects both the seller and the buyer’s rights. They offer you fast payments, which is very nice of them.

You can sell video games, movies, skins for games, gift cards, and even game accessories. It is way cheaper than most of the websites available. Gameflip also refunds your payment if you are not able to receive the product due to any reasons.

You can use it as a website to earn the maximum profits out of the video games that you do not use very frequently or do not use at all. You can also save money if you purchase video games from the same website, as they offer meager prices, which are way less than what other sites provide.

If you are in search of ways to cut down your expenses or earn some good profit out of the video games lying in your house, then Gameflip is one website that will achieve you to do so.

10. PlayerUp

PlayerUp provides amazing customer service and helps you to earn free profit by selling games that hardly of any use to you. It is a completely safe and secure website to use, with no chances of any fraud happening there. It is an amazing website for both the buyer and the seller. You get the best deals for both of them.

The payment is a little slow at times, but you always get the payment. So there is no worrying about the fact that it is a scam because it is not.

You can not only buy and sell video games, but you can also trade your video game accounts for money. It is a free online platform for people to come and sell their video game accounts. It involves the player to the player exchange of up to a hundred video games.

You have options while selling your product. Either you can directly connect to the buyer to sell your video games, or you can make PlayerUp a third party to mediate the transaction. It takes care of the security issues. If you don’t feel like revealing your personal information to the buyer, then you can choose the latter.

PlayerUp also mediates the payment if you decide to make them the third party. It has been in the business for forty years, so there is no use of doubting the services that they provide. They are also related to a lot of law firms to protect their customers from fraud. Also, they have really co-operative employees. If you get stuck, you can always get help from them.

11. Glyde

Glyde is an online marketplace that helps the customers to sell and buy mobile phones, video games, accessories, and many other things on the internet. They trade in new and used video games.

You can trade your video games for a great price, and you get the security of a retail shop. Your product gets exposed to buyers who genuinely want to purchase it.

You can list the item on Glyde in seconds, and you get the payment very fast. Also, you get free shipping with their free shipping labels.

12. SecondSpin

SecondSpin is one of the largest buyer and seller of used CDs, DVDs and even video games. Also, you can enjoy browsing a variety of items on this website, and you can also list a range of products on this website.

The items that the buyers receive are in good condition, and you get a safe delivery. They take care that the good that is being sold is in good condition.

You can list it on SecondSpin and then earn money for the video game that you have stopped using for months now.

13. Trade4cash

They are similar in the procedure for selling your video game. You need to list your video game on Trade4cash and then add a description of it.

Also, they provide you with a free shipping label that you can use to get free shipping on the products that you deliver to them.

You can get the payment with the help of PayPal, mailed check, or Amazon e- gift card. They give you the most excellent prices for your products.

14. BestBuy

BestBuy offers you the best deals on the products that you wish to sell. They also provide you with a platform to sell your products.

Your products are visible to millions of buyers, and they give you the best price of the game that is pure trash to you.

Also, BestBuy provides you with security by keeping your details private if you wish to. You should definitely try this website when you are looking for great alternatives to sell your used video games.

15. TradeGamesin

TradeGamesin is one of the most popular websites to sell your video games. You can mail them your games which you are willing to sell. They check if they are in good condition, and you are paid according to it.

The best part is that you receive the payment within 24 hours. This website is used globally to get the best price for video games.


Some websites offer you great deals for video games that you do not use much. But before putting your valuable stuff on sale, do not forget to check for the authenticity of the website.

Earning via the internet is easy, but the choice of choosing the style lies in your hand. Whether you want to adopt the right ways or do so by frauding each other, make sure you do not get trapped in the plan.