20 Best Sites to Read Comics Online for Free

Are you a comic lover who landed here to find the best site for yourself to read comics for free online and offline? Then yes, you have pretty much got it already.

Here, we are sharing the list of the 20 best sites to get online comics for free. You can explore the list and choose the one you think is best for you.

Many of the websites we have mentioned also offer free downloading of your favorite comic to read. So do spend your few minutes reading about the same.

1. DC Comics

Nobody can complete the list of best sites to get free comics without mentioning DC Comics. It is one of the biggest and popular English language comics under the publisher’s DC entertainment.

Not just the fact that it is famous, but it is also an easy site to use. If you want to keep it comfortable for you to read, then you can alternatively use the app of the site DC Comics, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. Here, all kinds of comics are available. Be it novels, magazines, or graphics; everything is available to read here.

The best part is that you can also download comic books from DC Comics and read them when you are not accessible to the internet, too, and it is all free of cost.

2. Manga Rock

For people who like reading the comic when they don’t have access to the internet, Manga Rock is the one. You can always download it to read the comics for free offline.

If you open the app, you will see the app full of different Manga titles that can be read without even paying. You also can read them online.

Once you download the app, you will find that most of the Manga comics are free, whereas some will ask you to pay for them. You can always choose the one accordingly.

On the front page of the app, you will see the significant editorial collections and some of the recommendations for you. Customization is also available for all users.

3. DriveThruComics

If you visit DriveThruComics, you will find a huge range of comics except a few like Marvel and DC. All of them are entirely free of cost.

If you are someone looking for reading comics in different languages, then this would suit you the best as it has many languages supported. Also, many genres make it enjoyable.

DriveThruComics is also known as the paradise for comics lovers as it covers almost every genre and has a big collection.

One of the significant issues with this site is the interface. Users might find some difficulties while using it for the first time.

However, if you get used to it, you will be getting it quickly. You can simply search the name of your favorite Comic and read it whenever you want.

4. GoComics

Another big name in the list of 20 best sites to read the free comics is GoComics. It is free of cost and has a wide range of comic books on it. Everyone can use the website and read anything they like for free.

The collection is so big that you are never going to feel bored and will always have something new to read.

The only issue with the site is that you will get the ads between your reading. However, if you don’t want to get disturbed by these ads, you can simply pay for the subscription and get rid of the ads.

For keeping it easy for the users, there is also a 30-day free trial given through which you can finally conclude whether you should opt for the premium or not. All over, it is a decent website to read comics for free.

5. MComix

MComix is one of the most preferred comic tools when it comes to image viewing. Yes, in this site, you can read the comics along with image viewing.

Even for reading the manga and western comics, MComix is perfect as you don’t have to spend a penny to read this.

MComix also supports formats such as LHA, 7Z, RAR, PDF, and ZIP. Be it any format mentioned here, and you will find it easy to read the comics online through MComix.

Right now, Mcomix is only available for Windows and Linux users, but users using MAC can expect is soon to be launched and available.

All you have to do is to use the tool and open the downloaded comics from other sites as MComix is just a tool and won’t show any comic to read but can get many for free.

6. Marvel Comics

If you have been a big comic fan, you know that Marvel is a big name and is the most famous name in the comics world. If not read, you must have heard about the same once ever in life.

Marvel is a big website known as Marvel Unlimited and is free to read comics. The UI of the site is very easy and friendly so that you won’t face any issues while finding the comic for you. It has around 50 issues available, and the count is still going.

For reading it online, you don’t have to pay anything as it is free of cost and also, you can read it without needing to subscribe or register yourself on the site.

Just open the website and choose the one. However, if you want to buy one comic, you need to pay for the same. The collection they have is nothing less than a wonderland for comic lovers.

7. Comic Zeal

We have already talked about the tools only available for Linux and Windows users. So here Comic Zeal is the one only available for iOS devices and can not be used by any other device. Note that it doesn’t have its website, so you can not even use it as a website.

The app Comic Zeal is unique as it has some exciting features like two-page mode, and with this feature, you can keep reading the comic without needing to change the pages.

Comic Zeal also has audiobooks through which users can read their favorite comics. Other than this, there are many more features that this app has for its users. It is also good for reading a scanned textbook and PDF as well.

However, for availing of all those features, you need to pay the price as the app isn’t available for free.

8. Manga Zone

Users finding only the free comics sites here, your wish is granted. You can easily read all your favorite comic books here in Manga Fox. Just for making it more clear for you all, the name of the site Manga Fox has been changed and renamed to Manga Zone now.

The website is totally free, and so as the app is. No matter if you are an Android user or an iOS one, this app is available for you all.

Right now, the website isn’t on as their app has everything you need to read the comic for free. It is easy, convenient, and free.

For downloading the app, you can simply search the name Manga Zone to your respective app store and download it for reading the free comic books online.

9. Simple Comic

Simple Comic is again a good comic reader tool available only for MAC users. For people who don’t prefer reading comic books from the website, this tool can be useful.

This tool has got many options like giving you the choice of one or two-page display through which you can read your online comic without getting disturbed, window fit and horizontal fit options, translation feature, the option of choosing the right to left or left to right reading type and is very easy to use.

The interface of the tool is simple and has many options for customization it. You can also use the feature called bookmark through which you can bookmark it and then read it from the same page next time you come.

However, all these features are limited for MAC users as they do not serve any users right now.

10. MangaFreak

If you are someone who likes reading all the latest comics available just after its release, then MangaFreak is perfect for you. The website has a section where you will find all the latest added comics and can read it all.

You can also read the comics of Buroto, One-piece, Naruto, and Bleach here. The reason we are mentioning this is that not every site will offer these comics to you.

Apart from this, you will also have a feature through which you can search for the name of the comic you are looking to read or download.

One more characteristic of the site called Random can be useful for all. Here, you need to click on it, and some random comic recommendations based on your interest will be shown to you. You can read Archie comics here too. All over, it is a good website for people looking to find the best free comics.

11. Astonishing Comic Reader

The name is pretty astonishing, just like the website. It is a new name in the list of 20 best sites to get free comics as other names we have mentioned are established enough and are serving for years.

People like using Astonishing Comic Reader due to their options, which are enough to serve all their users. It has its Android app, Windows 10 app, a website, and even a Google Chrome extension available too.

For reading any comics for free, you can simply search the name and read it for free on its website.

If you are using a site, you even don’t have to make your account as you can even read it without signing up. However, we recommend you create an account as if you do that; you will be able to organize the comics you want to read in the right manner, which could be easy for you. All over, it is a nice website with a variety of comics and options to serve its users.

12. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus indeed deserves to be on this list of reading the best comics for free. You can read all kinds of comics here. If you are looking to find those old Golden age and Silver age comic books, then you can find it here as well.

Comic Book Plus is a great option for people looking to read comic books online without paying for it. You can also download them for free as well.

There are plenty of features available on the website via which finding a perfect one for you will become easier. Finding a comic in different languages is also possible here.

One additional feature of the site is that it also provides a big comic forum under which you can easily interact with people who are also interested in reading comics online. All over, it is an excellent option to be considered.

13. Read Comic Online

Even after reading the name, you know the job of this site pretty much. Read Comic Online is also one of the excellent places to read comic books online. The best part of the website is that you can read it even without paying for the same.

It has a big catalog in it through which choosing one suitable for you will become easier. Talking about the interface of Read Comic Online, it is very neat and simple.

The only drawback we have witnessed on this website is that it doesn’t have all sorts of titles available for reading online. You might even miss a few here. However, for reading some basic comics, this website is a good option.

14. GoComics

Some people like variety, whereas others want quality. If you are looking for both, then this GoComics can be the perfect one for you to read your favorite comics online for free.

GoComics has an extensive range of comics available to read for free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for the same.

However, they do have their premium subscription to offer to their users just in case if you don’t want to get disturbed by the ads, which will keep on interrupting you while you read the comic.

To decide whether you want to go for premium or not, you can always go for the 30-day trial first, which will be free.

Other than the ads, everything else on this website is easy and simple for all users. Talking about their collection, it is also worth reading. You should check them out soon.

15. ELFQuest

With more than 20 million comics, ELFQuest makes it distinct why we have mentioned it in the list of the top 20 best sites to get comics for free. It is basically a digital comic portal being used by their wide audience for years.

It has both graphic novels and comics to read. It is also the longest-running independent graphic novel series we have. If you are a creative soul, then it also has more than 7,000 vintage art and stories to offer.

The best part is that all of this is free of cost and also, other than comic books, you can visit the site and find some podcasts and books available on it as well.

16. Internet Archive

We have talked about many websites that serve the younger audience and kids until now. Now let’s talk about a comic portal Internet Archive that aims to serve older audiences mainly.

So here, you are not going to find those regular comics unlike other sites in the list but some rare and old classics which can seek your attention if you are interested in reading.

Other than that, it also has a big collection of mangas, so you really don’t have to limit yourself to the classics only. The UI of the Internet Archive is simple and clean.

17. View Comic

For users looking for a very basic and simple website to read a variety of online comics should go for View Comic without having a second thought about it.

View Comic is not a very old or popular name on the list. However, it is very effective when it comes to reading a comic book without indulging in any complications.

You even don’t have to do a signup process to read the comics here. You can simply check out the website and search for the comic name or browse it through the categories given—one of the most exciting features it has to request.

Yes, if you don’t find a good comic of your choice, which you are keen to read, you can always request them to upload, and you will be notified once it’s done. All over, it is a decent website with all the features and is simple and easy to use.

18. CDisplayEx

CDisplayEx is another interesting feature in this list consisting best sites to get free comics. Basically, it is not a website nor an app. It is a windows program which is available for all the Windows user.

For reading the comic online, you need to download this software. However, don’t worry as it is totally free and safe to use. They have got a bunch of comic books available so you will never feel bored using the same.

CDisplayEx is available in 15 different languages to keep it available for all users. For reading any comic online, you don’t have to download it as you can read it online easily.

19. Digital Comic Museum

Just like the name, Digital Comic Museum is no less than a museum for comic readers. You can read many comics online without paying for them as it is completely free of cost.

If you are looking for a popular and variety of classic comic books, then this Digital Comic Museum is going to please you in every way.

The best part is that you are also allowed to read those classics which are available in the retail store for a very high price. However, you can read them all without any penny. You simply have to make your account and choose the one you are looking to learn.

20. Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon is already established, and people are aware of it very well also making a good amount of money from Amazon. Just like its e-commerce app, Amazon Kindle Store is also the most extensive digital reading gallery these days.

Be it any genre of ebooks, comics, or anything; everything is available here to read offline. If you are here to read comics or manga, you will find plenty of options to read for free of cost. However, if you want to read anything else, you might have to pay for the same.

For knowing it, you need to spend some time and browse the content available for free. Everything will be mentioned there.