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What is Clash of Clans?

If you are wondering what Clash of Clans is, then it is a freemium mobile video game which was developed by Finnish game developer Supercell.

The game got released for the iOS users first in the year 2012 and after a good response and demand, within one year, in 2013, the game got available for Android users as well. The game has its many fans and people love playing the game.

Talking about the strategy of the game, it is to make the most trophies and who so ever does this first will win the game. In this game, the trophies can be earned by attacking to other’s land or defending our land from other players.

How does Clash of Clans in real?

Since the players of this game are insane about it, they can do anything to win the game. The game itself offers some Gems, and these gems can be used to win the game.

If someone is passionate about the game, he/she should, first of all, collect the Gems. And collecting the Gems is not easy in the game, and hence, people prefer buying the same.

The Gems are also available in the market place of the same in exchange of some real money. And since it is very costly, people always think of some better shortcuts or alternatives.

What is Clash of Clans Gems?

## Clash of Clans gift card is a form of online digital card which can be used to purchase the in-game currency of Clash of Clans, gems.

You can purchase the gems by using the gift card. These gems are beneficial in terms of winning the game. If you want to win the game, you must use the gems and not all gems can be earned as it will take a lot of time, people prefer buying the same.

The Clash of Clans gift card can also be gifted to someone who loves playing this game and is looking forward to making the purchase of the gems for winning the game.

How does Clash of Clans Gems work?

## Clash of Clans gift cards is straightforward to use. It is not difficult to understand or use. But to make it simple, let us understand it here.

The gift cards will hold some value, and the same value will be the cost to purchase the gift cards. So if you want to buy the gems which are an in-game currency of the Clash of Clans game, you must use the gift card to save yourself from spending money.

And by doing that, you can easily redeem some amount which can be used to purchase the gems in free of cost.

How get free Clash of Clans Gems?

## As the gems of the game are costly, and not everyone can afford to buy the gems, we PayPrizes have made the work easy for you.

You can earn the Clash of Clans gift cards by completing our easy tasks such as playing a game, watching a video or something similar to it. You can earn the points and it will make you earn the Clash of Clans gift cards.

Clash of Clans Gems

You can purchase the Clash of Clans gems using gift cards provided below.

$10 Google Play Gift Card
Google Play Card
$25 Google Play Gift Card
Google play Card
$25 iTunes Gift Card
iTunes Card

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