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Earn points by completing surveys, downloading apps, and answering simple questions. Each completed task will provide points.

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What is Google Play store?

Google Play store is a place for Android users from where they can download all the apps and games in their phones. The store is available in every phone and for downloading anything be it a game, a movie available in Play store or an app, everything can be downloaded through the Play store app.

The Google Play store is one of the biggest and most reliable store when it comes to the security.

No matter what all are you trying to download from the store, you will feel safe for sure. There won’t be any virus in your phone and you can check the ratings as well.

How does the Google Play cost?

Google Play store offers loads of services such as downloading a game, an app, a movie, a song, a book, and others. But if you check the store and has checked it, you will find that there are many free and many paid apps available in the store.

Along with the free one, you will also find many paid apps, movies and games as well. These are the services which will require you the money to use them.

Every service has its rate so you can not say what should be the budget of buying ten apps. But yes, the paid services come with some extraordinary features too.

What is Google Play gift card?

Google Play gift card is a card which can be used online for buying the apps and games from the app. Not only the app and games, but you can purchase every service that the store offers.

You can easily buy them and make it yours. Nowadays many students have an Android phone but what they don’t have is a credit card.

So for them, it will be a great thing where you can buy any app or other services without using any credit card.

How to use Google Play gift card?

Google Play gift card is easy to use, you don’t need to be a tech geek for using the card.

All you need to do is to buy the card from their official store and then log in to your Google Play account where you will find the option to redeem the gift card.

You can redeem the card by adding the code which will be used once in a lifetime and can get an app for you. The balance of the gift card will be added in your account which can be used to purchase anything from the store.

How get free Google Play gift card?

PayPrizes knows how costly it is to purchase the Google Play gift cards and how insane are our users to buy them one.

Hence, we have come up with a solution where you have to make an account on our site and complete some little tasks.

By doing so, you will be earning the points and these points can be used to make the purchase of your card.

Google Play Gift Cards

Here you get information about available Google Play gift cards with their proper amount.

$10 Google Play Gift Card
Google Play Card
$25 Google Play Gift Card
Google Play Card
$50 Google Play Gift Card
Google Play Card