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PayPrizes Help Center and FAQ's

For registering yourself in PayPrizes, simply visit our home page and click on the login/register button. You can register yourself by using your valid email address where we can send you the emails.

For log in in your PayPrizes account, you only need to click on the login/register button and use the same email address which you have used at the time of sign up.

No, there is no need to confirm your email address via email. Though it is not mandatory to do so, it is advisable to do the same as then we can get assured if it is your right email address or not.

We will never spam your email by sending many emails. We only send two types of emails.

1. Transactional emails:

Whenever you make any transaction on our sites such as buying a gift card, redeeming your points for PayPal money, redeeming your points for Bitcoin wallet or earning points, we will send you the email notifying the same for keeping a record.

2. Newsletter emails:

Our newsletter emails will not come in your inbox but your second inbox. You can check them and be updated with the current offers. However, this service is optional.

Yes, you can. You can anytime stop the email services. However, the transactional email cannot be canceled as it is an important one. But if you want, you can disable the newsletter email services.

If I unsubscribe the email services, will I still receive the emails?

No, if you unsubscribe to the email services, you won’t get any email.

In order to activate the account, we will send you one email on your registered email id. If in case you do not find any email in your inbox, please check other folders such as junk and spam. You will receive the email, and from that email, you can activate your account.

If you have wrongly chosen a country and wants to correct it, you must go to "My Profile" section and fix it.

To add your PayPal email, you need to click on "My Account" and go to "Edit Profile." There you can add your PayPal email address.

Yes, you can easily log in to your PayPrizes account in as many devices as you want. The only thing you need to care is that you can only login in one device at a time.

For closing your PayPrizes account, click on "Settings". Then click on "Delete Account" and confirm the same via email we will send you.

Go to "Edit Profile" and add your home address. You can add and submit it.

Click on "Statistics" and check the point history. You will be able to know on which date, how many points did you earn.

If your account does any activity which violates our policies, your account will be suspended. However, due to our security, we won’t be able to find out the exact reason for the same.

Your account will be suspended if we find out any invalid or fraudulent referrals, proxy usage, entering fictitious pieces of information while completing the offers or for misguiding our team.

In order to make you aware of the current offers and tasks, you will be getting notified.

To turn off the notifications, you must go to the "Settings" and click on "Notifications." You can click and disable the notifications. (Coming Soon)

No, it is not advisable to turn off the notifications else you will not know about the latest tasks going.

Whenever you complete a task, you will earn some points, and those points can be redeemed into the rewards. These are known as rewards.

For earning the maximum amount of rewards, you must complete the various micro tasks available on our website.

It can happen due to some security issues. If our experts find out some suspicious behavior in your account, such as the usage, you will find an error.

Due to security reasons, you can only change your email address for once.

It generally takes 48 hours to credit the reward in your account. However, it can till five business days as well due to the technical issues. But if it gets late, you will be informed via email.

No. But you can redeem Steam Wallet gift card code provided by us to reflect your Steam Wallet account balance.

You can redeem your PayPrizes points into the cash using PayPal. However, you must have enough points to make the cash of $20.

To check the status of your rewards that you have redeemed, you need to click to the "Statistics" and go to the reward history. You will find out the list of your redeemed rewards along with the time of redemption.

If you haven’t yet received the reward, you must check your inbox correctly. For this, you also should keep an eye on your others folder like spam folders where you are likely to receive the code.

If you are not looking for redeeming any gift card, you have an option to redeem the points into the cash. But for redeeming the points, you must have enough points to make the minimum amount of $20, which is needed for PayPal.

For redeeming any gift card, you must have enough points. If you have that, you need to visit our "Claim Prize" from where you can pick any desired card you wish to redeem. Once you choose it, you can get it redeemed by clicking to the confirm button. You will get the code in your email.

Surveys are the questionnaire form which one needs to fill to give the opinion and information that the survey is asking.

In PayPrizes, you will be receiving the notifications to complete a survey. If you complete it, you will earn some points. The points will be credited in your account within a day. You will be offered many surveys in a month for which you will be paid.

Refer & Earn is our program where you only need to refer the site to your friend and on every successful registration, you will get some referral points.

Go to your "Dashboard" and click on "Refer & Earn" option. You will get your refer code along with your referral link there.

You need to give your friend the same link, and if your friend registers via your link, you will earn points, and it will be counted as one successful referral.

You will earn 10 points on every successful referral.

There is no limit to earn through our referral program. The more people you invite via your link, the more you earn.

There is no limit to earning points every day. Though it depends on how much time can you spend on our activities. Our regular users earn more than 10,000 points every day.

If you want to earn more, you need to perform a different set of tasks every day. Without being biased to only one task, you must complete every task that has been offered to you.

By spending 20 minutes a day, you can easily earn up to 500 points a day. However, if you are willing to earn more, do spend more than an hour every day.

Video Ads will ask you to watch the video the site will offer. You can’t skip the video and watch the complete video. If you do so, you will earn points.

No, if you skip the videos, you will not get any points.

Mobile Offers will ask you to download the app and keep it for some time. If you do so, you will get some bonus points.

No, you only need to download the app which the website will ask you to.

If you have downloaded an app, but still the points did not get credited in your account, these are the possibilities which may happen.

  1. You did not download the app from the link we have asked you to.
  2. You might have downloaded the same app in the past and uninstalled it.
  3. You did not keep the app for long or didn’t spend enough time on the app.
  4. You must have missed a step.
  5. You might get the points, and there might be some delay from the advertisement team.

If you still haven’t received the credit, you can check the possible reasons given below:

  1. You might have signed up to the site from different names. If you do so, your account will also get suspended, and you will not get any credit.
  2. You still didn’t complete an offer from the site.
  3. You must ensure that the ad block tools are turned off. If it is on, you will not earn any points. It will not let the cookies stored, which is essential to earn points.
  4. Make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  5. You must be skipping some important step which you might think is not really important.
  6. You haven’t followed the instructions.
  7. It will take some time to get the credits in your account.

If it is the case, you must click a screenshot of the image and send it to our team.

We have some terms and conditions for every transaction. If one has completed the task by not violating our any policy, it will be called as an eligible transaction.

No, you can not hack our site as we have a team full of experts who works every day and take care of the security.

Yes, our website is totally legit. We do not fail to meet any promises we make with our users. If you have gone through our terms and conditions, you will understand the same.

No, unlike other sites, we do not follow any age limit. You can be a kid and still use our website to earn points, and you can also be above 60 to do the same. For us, everyone is equally eligible.

No, there is no specific country for using the website PayPrizes and earning points. You can be in any country to use the site.

Our advertisers are the one who pays us for getting the users like you and all we do is to keep a portion and send it to our users after the completion of every task.

Yes, you can absolutely use PayPrizes for as long as you want to. We will be happy to serve you life long.