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How PayPrizes Works?


Online Surveys

You all must have asked at least once to fill an online survey. But did they pay you for it? Possibly not. But we, PayPrizes, will be happy to pay you for the same. Yes, we ask our users to go through some online surveys which will not take more than 2 minutes per survey and in return, we offer them some points.

We use the paid surveys, and by going through one survey, our users can earn up to 5 points. The surveys will be all about giving your opinion/feedback on any service or a product. But if that survey can pay you enough, will it harm? No!

Hence, go through our easy paid surveys and earn in seconds. Also, since we care for you, your information/ views which you will give in the survey will be safe with us. We do take our policies seriously, and we know how to adhere to them.

Earning Points

As we mentioned, we use paid surveys, and we give our users the advantage of the same. By completing each survey on our website, our user can earn points. And our users are free to use those points in buying any card from us.

Even if you are looking to make some quick money, we have made it easy for you. The points you have earned from us can also be transferred in your PayPal account. Or else, you can also take it in your Bitcoin wallet. The choice is all yours.

Note that the minimum amount to redeem the points into the cash is $20. Hence, it is mandatory to reach this amount, and if you have completed any survey before, you will be able to reach the limit within a short period. Also, if you are a newbie in this field, don’t worry, you can also learn by completing a few surveys.

Downloading Apps

In our task list, you will also be asked to download some apps and keep it for some time. If you download the app and keep it for the time, we ask you to, and you will earn points.

This is the most straightforward task among all the tasks we offer. Why?

Because here you only need to download the app and keep it on your phone, which won’t take any extra effort. And the cherry on the cake is that by continuing those apps, you can easily reach your goal of earning at least $20 very quickly.

Watching Ads

You must have watched videos and movies online. And you also have seen some annoying ads coming again and again after an interval period.

Also, you must have skipped those ads. Isn’t it? But why to skip the ads when you can earn money by watching those 2-minute ads?

Yes, on our website, if you watch ads, you will earn. And the more you watch, the more you earn. By watching every ad, you will get some points which you can later redeem for earning money or redeeming gift cards.

Playing Games

Playing online games can never be a boring task. We all love doing it. But if what if we offer you some prizes to play the games we ask you to?

If you play the games that our site offers for the period, you will be easily making 5-10 points per game. It will be a fun way to earn money and buy those amazing gift cards which you were looking for.