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How to Earn Points?

Earn points by completing surveys, downloading apps, and answering simple questions. Each completed task will provide points.

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10000+ Available gift cards by different brands are waiting for you to redeem.


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5000+ New gift cards added this week. Earn points and collect these cards.


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7000+ Redeemed gift cards by our users by completing simple tasks.


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How it Works?

Here we provide every single step that how PayPrizes work.

Account protection

For your privacy, we never ask you to enter your password during signup and login. Password is only required while redeeming your card.

Offer Walls

Some of our advertisers want to reward you using offer walls for learning about their latest services and products .

We never close

We monitor every account on our site 24/7 to prevent fraud activities. If something seems suspicious, our support team will stand by you.

Survey Routers

Some exclusive brands advertise on our site wants to understand their customers' feedback to improve their products with paid surveys.

Daily Bonuses

If you live in a country with fewer offers, you can earn free login bonuses and giveaways by checking our site.

Video Ads

Watch promotional videos of our advertisers to collect your points. Get paid to watch videos by sponsored advertisers.