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What is Skype?

Skype is a telecommunications app which will provide video chats and voice calls between the mobile, computer, Xbox one console, smartwatches, and Tablets.

The Skype is easy to use when it comes to free calling and video calling. Indeed, Skype has been the website of the first telecommunications, which started the free video calling through the internet. The website is reliable, and you can easily download the app on your phone if you want to use it.

You can keep login in your app, and you will be able to receive instant messages and calls whenever you get one. Skype is generally used for official calls and meetings are done online.

How does the Skype cost in real?

Skype is free of cost to use. However, if you are someone who likes using the website for your business purpose, you must use the paid version of the same.

It will provide you some extra features such as calling via your Skype ID to other phone numbers internationally. You can receive phone calls via the same.

Apart from this, the group calls and instant messages are also some of the features that the website provides. The phone calls can also be done personally one to one via the site.

What is Skype gift card?

Now since the website has its premium version, which is mandatory to have if you are using Skype for official purpose, you need to pay for the same.

The website has their own monthly and yearly subscription which will make you pay for the same. You can use the Skype gift card alternatively to pay for getting the subscription.

The gift card will be available in many online stores and you can buy them for making the free calls.

How to use Skype gift card?

You need to go to your Skype account and go to the profile section where you can redeem the gift card, and the balance of the gift card will reflect in your Skype account.

You can either use the balance right away by making a subscription now or else, you can keep it for later in order to buy the subscription later.

If you want to use the gift card for gifting purpose, you can simply use it and make the purchase without using the credit card.

How to get free Skype gift card?

It will cost you more than $10 monthly if you use Skype daily. But if you want to save yourself from these bills, then you must use the PayPrizes website where you can earn the free Skype gift cards in free of cost.

You don’t need to pay for those cards. However, you must earn the cards which won’t need money but your time. You can spare 10 minutes a day and earn a good amount of Skype gift card for free of cost.

You need to make the daily activities and complete some little tasks. If you do the tasks, you will be able to earn a lot of Skype gift cards.

Skype Gift Cards

Here you get information about available Skype gift cards with their proper amount.

$10 Skype Gift Card
Skype Card
$25 Skype Gift Card
Skype Card
$50 Skype Gift Card
Skype Card