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What is Star Stable?

Star Stable is an online horse game which was founded in the year 2010 by Ola Ahlvarsson and Johan Edfeldt. The game is an online horse game as mentioned above for players from the world.

It is an adventure game, and hence, people who love adventure would like playing the game. In the game, every player has to take care of their horse and participate in the competition to win the game against other players.

Though the game is free of cost to play, you will love the game if you use the star rider access to play the full game. The game is loved by many, and according to the company, the company is known for making some easy games for girls.

How does Star Stable cost in real?

As we have mentioned, the game Star Stable is free of cost. But if you are playing the game for free, you can only play it for five levels. To play the full game, you have to become a star rider from a free star rider.

It will be the paid one if you access the full game. And according to the players, you will enjoy the real experience only when you subscribe to their premium game. In the game, you will need to pay the fee of $8.89 a month.

However, if you think it is costly, you can go for their discounted plans for three months and six months. Or if not, you can also pay the lifetime fee of $74.99 once and enjoy the game forever.

What is Star Stable gift card?

Star Stable requires money to pay their subscription fee, and the subscription fee is required to every user. For this, either people can use their account details or buy the Star Stable gift card first.

It is the card which will be used to make the payment of the same. The users can make the payment of the game and pay the fee according to the time they want to enjoy the game. They can either go for full year or just for one month. It is totally up to them.

How to use Star Stable gift card?

To use the Star Stable gift card, one must know the balance of the gift card. If you know how much is the balance, you can go to the payment page of the game where you are required to pay for the subscription and pay the fee through the gift card.

Users can either pay the gift card balance or can wait for the future time when they want to do it. It will not expire.

How to get free Stable gift card?

To get the Star Stable gift card, you will have to complete some tiny tasks given by our team. We will give you some tasks such as completing a survey, watching an ad, or downloading an app and use it according to the terms and conditions.

If you do that, you will be able to earn points and these points will get you the free Star Stable gift card.

Star Stable Gift Cards

Here you get information about available Star Stable gift cards with their proper amount.

$25 StarStable Gift Card
StarStable Card
$50 StarStable Gift Card
StarStable Card
$100 StarStable Gift Card
StarStable Card